Welcome to Seamen's Club of Rouen.

The sailors’ stopover

Since 1989, we have been helping seafarers from all over the world to feel like at home in Rouen.

Come and relax in a pleasant and friendly environment close to the city center of Rouen. We are at your disposal to offer you services and access to the following facilities:

  • Shuttle service (From ship to Seamen's club, and back to ship).
  • The Borodin bar (drinking and eating).
  • Relaxation room (TV, reading).
  • Recreation room (billiards, table soccer, table tennis).
  • Store (souvenirs, perfumes, sim cards...).
  • Permanent WIFI access

We will do everything possible to make the time you spend with us as pleasant as possible.

The Seamen's club also offers events and activities open to the public, both sailors and non-sailors.

Whether it is for a musical and festive evening. to come to see the works of a temporary exhibition or simply to visit the place, the Seamen’s Club opens its doors to the meeting of art.


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